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Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in my kit?

Within your kit you will receive the following:

  • The print
  • Tool kit
  • Beads
  • Colour legend

Everything is there for you to complete your design.

What is the print measured in?

Our Diamond-Dot Painting® prints are measured in centimeters. The size stated on the box and website will indicate the PRINT size and not the entire canvas altogether.

Please note that our prints may have a 1-2 cm difference depending on design and bead size.

How do I preserve my completed design?

You can find a sealant at any art or hobby shop. However, we have discovered that using a sealant is not really necessary and can take away some of the sparkle. You can also frame your completed Diamond-Dot Painting® and put it behind glass. It will still retain the shimmery effect when behind glass.

What is the difference between a partial and full design?

A partial design means there is one specific area on the print that you will have to dot. A full design will require you to dot the entire print.

Partial Design (DDP490)

Full Design

What is included in my custom design kit?

Within your custom design kit you will receive the following:

  • The print
  • Applicator pen
  • Beads
  • Bead tray
  • Applicator wax

Everything is there for you to complete your design.

Why are the print colours different to the colours on the website?

This has to do with the type of screen you were looking at the image on. Screen resolution (the clarity of the screen) determines how the image colours will be displayed. For accurate colours, look at the picture from a smart device or a screen with a very good resolution.


How long does it take to make a custom?

A custom design will take about 4 weeks to make. This lead time it excluding delivery time, which normally takes about 2-3 days depending on the current work load.

Why does the custom print look different to the image I submitted?

Each printer is different depending on the calibrations. What is printed and what you see on your canvas is not what we go by. It all revolves around the beads you are sent. We do not base the outcome of the design on the printed canvas, but rather the coloured beads the application gives you.

Are my bead/drill colours correct?

The application used to create your design does not see a complete image. Instead it sees code and from that code it pulls the colours. So where you see what is supposed to be a red shirt, the program sees magentas, copper, maybe pinks, and together, when those colours are combined on the canvas, it gives the illusion of a red shirt.

The computer does not see “red shirt". It sees code. 


What shipping methods do you use?

In order to get your package safely to you, we use the Post Office services. Please note that we cannot be responsible for any damages, delays or loss of parcel.

When can I expect my Diamond-Dot Painting® to arrive?

It takes 3-5 working days via courier to receive your order. We ship only within the borders of the United Kingdom. A waybill can be provided for you to track your order.

Do I have to purchase online?

At this point in time you can only find our products on our online store.

What payment options are available?

We use PayPal and Stripe which are safe and reliable payment gateways. This allows you to pay with either a credit or a debit card.


How do I become an agent?

If you go to the Agent, Shop & Market Locator then you can click on the Become an Agent button. We will then contact you with further details.

How do I stock my shop?

If you go to the Agent, Shop & Market Locator then you can click on the Stock My Shop button. We will then contact you with further details.


Is your product safe?

Our warehouse and stock are disinfected on a regular basis. We adhere to strict regulations when working and handling products. This includes:

  • Temperature checks three times a day
  • Wearing masks at all times
  • Practicing social distancing where possible
  • Disinfecting regularly, especially when arriving and leaving

When you receive your package, please disinfect it immediately, following the guidelines that have been outlined by health and safety officials.